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Toll-Free Texting – A Great Way to Connect to Customers

Text Enabled Toll-Free numbers, also known as TETF, is a channel that elevates the possibilities of communication for businesses and consumers and does not require a lengthy provisioning process.

Text enabled toll-free numbers give both the business and consumer the option to communicate via telephone and SMS text messaging by way of a 1-800 number. The transition from landlines and phone calls has turned into an SMS-driven marketplace and TETF numbers (toll-free texting) fill this gap by linking your business and business phone number to your consumer’s cellphone.

For example, TETF can be used to send appointment reminders via text message that appear, on the consumer’s cell phone, to come from your business’ toll-free phone number. This makes it more convenient for users to communicate and stay engaged with your business with a phone call or text.

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