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No More Sharing, This Code is All Yours!

On March 1, 2021, big changes came to the SMS/MMS messaging business. The major carriers decided to no longer allow the use of shared short codes and Person to Person (P2P) long codes.

With shared short codes, it was possible for multiple companies (in some cases thousands) to share one code. Shared short codes were inexpensive but since several companies shared it each one had to use it properly.

If one of those companies violated the rules of the wireless carrier, the carrier would suspend the short code, kick off that one company and then reactivate the code. But now the carriers decided if someone violated the rules the short code was done, shut down for good.

If you have legacy, shared short codes, you can’t get new ones and if you have an audit and a shared code it will get shut down. So, if you want to run text message campaigns, you’ll have to use your own, dedicated short code, a text enabled toll-free number or a 10DLC, which stands for 10-digit long code.

Having your own, dedicated short code or 10DLC makes sense. You won’t have to worry about losing it, like you would if it were shared and other companies broke the rules, causing that shared number to get shut down.

10DLC vs. Short Codes

Short codes deliver a high volume of messages in a short amount of time. Short codes’ transactions per second (TPS) start at 100 and can reach 1,000 or more. These codes are great for several campaigns, including communicating to large audiences or sending time-sensitive messages.

Short codes also provide delivery receipts, letting you know which messages were delivered to help you with data analytics and maximizing your campaigns.


A 10DLC looks the same as a P2P long code and has been approved for business use by the carriers. You will though (similar to short codes), need to register your 10DLC and let the carriers know what you’re using it for.

10DLC numbers are sanctioned by the mobile companies so they’re definitely reliable. You can choose a number (or numbers) for different area codes your company operates in. A 10DLC provides 30+ transactions per second (TPS) and they typically come with lower set up and monthly costs than short codes.

If you’re new to SMS/MMS marketing, or you want to start messaging quickly without the higher costs of short codes, a 10DLC makes perfect sense. You could use your 10DLC for:

  • • A promotional text blast to your select, targeted audience
  • • Ongoing messages, a holiday/seasonal campaign, etc.
  • • Two-factor authentication
  • • Establishing a local presence
  • • Appointment reminders
  • • Product alerts, updates and more

Talk to a CellForce sales representative to discuss the type of campaign you want to run and we’ll help you figure out which code to use to optimize your marketing strategies.

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