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SMS Messages Are Reliable, Fast and Get Your Message Out

To increase the effectiveness of your human resources department, communication with staff and potential candidates should be quick and effective. When your Human Resources manager can quickly text message and get fast answers from your employees, the HR department’s work becomes easier and more efficient.

CellForce’s Symphony messaging platform can easily send HR-related messages that include:

  • • Business closures
  • • Emergency situation instructions
  • • Upcoming events
  • • Scheduled training sessions and more

Perfect for Daily and Other Tasks

Your HR department can also use Symphony for day to day tasks. For example, if you run a business that relies on employees working in shifts and someone calls out of work, you can send a message to all of your employees to get the shift filled.

Regardless of why you need to reach your employees, text messages are the fastest and most efficient way to reach them.

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