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An Email Marketing Strategy That Gets Results

CellForce offers a full-feature, email marketing solution that makes it easy to create successful campaigns with no design or programming knowledge needed. We provide you with powerful tools that include built-in, pre-made templates. You can also create a custom template of your own, to fit your email marketing strategy, with images, colors and links and then save your design as a template to use again.

Your email templates are easy to edit, fully responsive and are designed to adapt to whatever is being used to view the email – so they’ll look as good on a wall-sized HDTV as they do on an iPhone or Android™ phone.

Insights, Metrics and More

CellForce’s platform also provides you with the metrics you need to see how well your emails are performing. These analytics help you market smarter, fine tune your email marketing strategy and better understand the needs and interests of your customer base.

Email Features:

  • • Forward to a Friend Link – inserts a link consumers may click to send this email to their friends
  • • Hosted Version Link – inserts a link consumers may click to view the message in a web browser
  • • Share on Social Media – allows consumers to share the email on Social Media
  • • Subscribe / Unsubscribe – easy, 1-click links to subscribe or unsubscribe from your email communications

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