SMS, MMS & Email for Retail

Enticing consumers to visit your business is usually the main challenge for brick and mortar retailers and being able to set yourself apart from all others is important in creating traffic. Using text messaging has shown to be more effective than other marketing options out there today for a number of reasons: Text messages are useful in driving traffic through your doors. For example sending timely digital coupons, informing costumers of upcoming sales, special events, are all effective ways of gaining the interest of potential customer events, All of these messages are accepted by opt in consumers and drive repeat customers to your business. CellForce makes it easy to create mobile loyalty programs to keep customers coming back for more, including automatized birthday coupons, anniversary sales. With symphon, our mobile marketing platform you can create customized text alerts based on information previously collected from your consumers.

Once the sale has been made the level of customer service is tested, this is done crucial step in creating repeat customers. Providing information to customers after their purchase can be done in a number of ways: sending receipts, item received, item available, shipping and delivery information is an import part of providing good customer service.

Ideas & Use Cases

Instant Mobile Coupons
On-Demand Promotions
Customize Offers Based on User Preferences

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