Text messaging or SMS (Short Message Service), is one of the most effective, instant and easy forms of consumer engagement media. In fact, 98% of text messages are read in less than three minutes. This creates an incredibly efficient way to communicate with consumers and clients. SMS is perfect for everything from marketing alerts to billing notifications—any time your business depends on getting its message across quickly, SMS should be your go-to medium.

SMS marketing is essentially a message service through which SMS (text message) can be sent to customers. A wide spectrum of verticals like retail, healthcare, media, and travel are connected with their customers through this system.

CellForce’s mass texting platform, Symphony is intuitive, reliable, scalable and provides you analytics and tools to find which of your campaigns will deliver the best results. SMS marketing is incredibly important based on the high level of usage and shows that 4.2 billion people worldwide have access to SMS text messaging. All carriers and devices support SMS text messaging, so no matter which carrier or device a consumer is using, they can receive your messages. SMS is also a part of most everyone’s daily life, SMS doesn't require a new app to download or new technology. Another really important thing to mention is that, due to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), SMS text message marketing remains a spam-free channel. Over 8 trillion texts are sent worldwide every year, not including app-to-app messaging. CellForce continues to hold very high compliance standards based on SMS regulations. During your campaign creation, you will have the opportunity to choose between a Single Opt-In or Double Opt-In. Let’s talk about what this means? A Single Opt-In campaign allows the consumer to respond once, typically by texting in a keyword, and in return, the consumer would receive a text. You can select to set the system to flag the consumer as “TCPA Compliant” as long as such actions are compliant with the TCPA guidelines.

TCPA or Double Opt-In is a two-step campaign, where the consumer confirms their opt-in by responding to a series of texts. A consumer that completes a Double Opt-in Campaign will automatically be flagged as “TCPA Compliant”. Entering a contest, joining a list of text-messaged coupons or signing up for mailing lists are all methods of obtaining SMS opt-ins.

The Symphony platform offers a variety of SMS campaigns to allow for every common campaign type:

  • Auto-Responder (AR): This campaign automatically sends an SMS response as soon as a consumer interacts with the system via texting in a keyword. A retailer would use an AR to begin consumer interaction by having the customer confirm they want to receive messages, or opt-in, as per required by TCPA. This type of campaign is mainly used to build an opt-in list of consumers.


  • Data Collection: Various interactive campaigns can be created using multiple levels of data collection. For example, someone who is in real estate needs specific information to assist a potential buyer. Things like:

-do you rent or own your home

- number of bedrooms and bathrooms do you require

-what zip code do you desire to live in

The consumer, after sending in a client-specific keyword is then prompted via text these types of follow up questions and answers them appropriately. The information is then saved and sent to the manager of that campaign. This ‘lead building’ style of campaign is a huge resource for clients.

  • Text 2 Quiz: This campaign is designed to encourage a fun and interactive style of communication. The campaign starts with a quiz style question sent via text message to users with an incentive to win a prize for those who answer correctly. It is a great way to create and maintain a relationship with users.
  • Text 2 Win: Text 2 Win campaigns are a great way to build your database as well as encourage interaction with your users. This works by offering a keyword that can be sent via text message to win a contest just for entering. This can be used for a specific number of entries, for example, the first 10 people to text keyword ‘WIN” or you also have the option to set up a Text 2 Win campaign where the winner is chosen at random.


Custom SMS campaigns available with Symphony have been created to take you to the next level and additional campaigns include, AB Testing, Broadcast and Broadcast for Call Center (B4CC). All of these examples are designed to make your SMS campaigns more exciting and interactive while remaining compliant with the regulations.


Enterprise SMS Solutions

Another way to utilize the SMS platform comes on a larger scale called Enterprise SMS Solutions. Enterprise SMS Solutions is a bulk message service where large volumes of SMS can be sent to customers and clients. These sectors can include Hospitality, Banking, Government and many others and ensures an effective way to connect to a larger number of recipients via SMS. Perhaps the most encouraging statistic from a marketing perspective is that 91% of customers who opted in for text message marketing see the messages they receive as either somewhat or very useful. The most common reasons for people opting into SMS messaging are:

coupons or deals (77%)

personal alerts (50%)

being in the loop (48%)

more meaningful content (33%)

Despite the clear potential for unparalleled reach, it is believed that as few as 14% of enterprises have embraced SMS marketing within their wider marketing strategies – even with the vast majority of consumers agreeing that it is generally good for businesses to send SMS messages, both from a sales and a customer relations perspective. Special offers and customer service were cited as being the most welcome uses of SMS marketing.

Symphony is a best-in-class mobile engagement platform that was created with reliability, scalability and robust functionality in mind. Whether your SMS message function is informing users of a new offer, confirming a doctor’s appointment or simply taking review of the services provided, Symphony is the most efficient and effective tool you can use. We built Symphony utilizing our decades of mobile engagement media experience and expertise to accommodate even the most demanding enterprise level requirements. Additionally, CellForce uses the best Tier 1 aggregator on the market and our Platform allows for SMS to be sent via Short Codes, Long Codes and 800-number Long Codes. CellForce technology, combined with our market knowledge and expert support staff will ensure that we provide your company with the very best of mobile engagement solutions.


IMPORTANT: in order to improve deliverability of messages containing tokens CellForce has developed an improved deliverability process whereby messages that failed to deliver over short code are sent again via an 800-Number long code. This process eliminated more than 90% of the undelivered messages.