Multimedia Message Service

While MMS could be a standalone technology, via Symphony our users have to ability to embed MMS messages in a hybrid campaign which will include both SMS and MMS interactions as part of the consumer engagement. Typically, an MMS message can contain up to 500kb of data - enough for a thirty-second audio or video file. The number of pictures that can be attached depends on their file size. These numbers represent the data you can send in the United States, internationally you can send 135KB.

In addition to creating your MMS message with photos, animations, videos and audio, short URL’s are another easy way to create an effective MMS campaign. This enables you to include links to your website creating a cleaner and aesthetically pleasing look, with added convenience for users.  This works best with hybrid campaigns that include both SMS and MMS messages. We at CellForce streamline all of these MMS/SMS functions via Symphony as we have an internal generator that creates these short URL’s for you. More over these short URL’s are customizable as well as, have the ability to be reworked to reflect current MMS marketing campaigns.

We created Symphony as a way to effectively send MMS messages for a rich consumer engagement experience. With CellForce the possibilities are limitless.