Short URL

A short URL is a web address that has been shortened. If you have a very long web address or link that you’d like to use in a text message campaign, it can take up a lot of character space. A short URL allows the user to still reach the same destination while taking up less space. This is important when you are sending out an SMS/MMS marketing text campaign since you’ll be using less of your 160 characters on the link and more for your actual message. In addition to keeping your message length to a minimum, short URL’s also create a “cleaner look” for your marketing messages.

Our platform has its own short URL management system that allows for generic short URLs as well as custom short URLs to be deployed. The URLs are dynamic and their ultimate address can be changed on the fly, even after the campaign was launched. The short URL dashboard also provides insight into your campaign links by showing how often the links were opened.

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