QR Codes

At Cellforce we have taken QR codes to the next level “gourmet” QR codes allow you to break beyond the small black and white dots arrange in square, the classic QR code. Symphony allows you to create colorful codes, break beyond the square shape and include a logo on your QR code for better brand recognition. “but wait there’s more” while most QR codes create a constant content be it a link to a website, or GPS coordinates for navigation symphony, allows the user to assign a dynamic purpose to the QR code thus creating what we call QR campaigns. Image an event invitation that contains a QR code. In the months leading to the event the QR code will provide a link to a promo video on the day of the event the same QR code coordinates for GPS navigation and a week after the even it will connect to the contact us page of the advertising company. In essence QR codes created on symphony are allows useful as their target and purpose can be changed based on the marketers needs.

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