MMS Features

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an evolution of the standard 160 characters SMS. With MMS, Advertisers can deliver multimedia content such as photos, animations, videos and audio; Marketers can also send text messages beyond the 160 characters in length. MMS may contain text in combination with multimedia content which allows for a more compelling marketing message. MMS is not a standalone technology and via Symphony our users may embed MMS messages in a hybrid campaigns which will include both SMS and MMS interactions as part of the consumer engagement.

MMS Video Messaging
MMS containing short video clips can be used for a variety of purposes, including sending subscriber’s movie trailers, advertising businesses, demonstrating new products, or conveying political message.
Symphony provides its users with the opportunity to embed video messages within their marketing campaigns with ease.

MMS Photo Messaging
Photo messaging takes mobile marketing to a new level. Symphony users can quickly attach photos to their outgoing MMS messages for a rich consumer engagement experience. The possibilities are limitless. For example: an online event organizer can send a bar code or QR code directly to event attendees’ phones, as an optional ticket distribution channel. Now instead of having the attendee print the ticket, they can just show up, show their phone and gain easy access to the event. In short, adding an image to any campaign will boost results. Why tell people about your new dish when you can show it to them? A consumer send address request? Send them back the address coupled with a picture of your business for easy identification.

MMS Mobile Coupon
Businesses can send colorful MMS coupons to customers using MMS picture messaging. Customers can be texted a keyword to receive the coupon or the business can mass send MMS mobile coupons to opt-in customers’ mobile phone. You can offer discounts, buy one get one offers, etc. MMS Coupons or Promotions are messages which are sent to your targeted audiences to offer them the latest products, services and upcoming offers.

With MMS Marketing, mobile marketers have the ability to send rich, quality content to their subscribers. MMS allows for video clips, images or sound file containing enticing mobile content of mobile coupons, product information and more.

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