Interactive Messaging

The CellForce platform offers the option of having automated campaigns that can be triggered via date, database, campaign or customer response related events. This allows a retailer to create automated reminders that once set, automatically interact with their customers based on variables they’ve set. For example, if a retailer has consumers’ birthday information saved in their database the retailer can set up a birthday reminder and the system will automatically text the consumer a special message or coupon on their birthday. We have multiple options for reminders: date reminder, birthday reminder and database reminder. Each option has specific scenarios that dictate their use case. For instance, a date reminder would be put to use for an appointment reminder campaign and a database reminder would be used if you wanted to follow up with all new customers at a set interval after signing up. This type of interactive messaging adds a personalization to your process and streamlines customer interaction in a highly effective manner. Proactive, instant customer communication leads to happier customers and our technology can help you achieve exactly that with ease.

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