Email Features

Cellforce offers a full feature email marketing solution that makes it easy to create successful campaigns. We have a wide variety of professional built-in templates that are conveniently available to you, easily editable and fully responsive – so your email will look great on any device without and design or programming knowledge needed.

The system allows the retailer to create customized email marketing messages by selecting one of the pre-made templates or make their own by adding images, colors or links and sending it to a database. The responsive email is designed to adapt itself to whatever it is being used to view so it will look good on a wall sized super-HDTV as it does on an iPhone and offers the same functionality.

Additional features of our email component include:

  • Forward-to-a-friend-link: this inserts a link consumers may click to send this email to their friends.
  • Hosted Version Link: this inserts a link that consumers may click to view the message on an HTML page within a web browser
  • Follow up on Social Media – this allows consumers to share the email on Social Media Networks
  • Subscribe – this adds a link for where consumers can click on to sign up for future emails.
  • Unsubscribe- this adds a link for consumers to click when they want to stop receiving future emails.
  • Company Details – this enables the company name, address and other location information in the email.

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