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MMS History

"MMS" stands for "Multimedia Messaging Service, an extension of the "Short Message Service" (SMS). Although SMS is similar, MMS sets itself apart in many ways. It is an evolution of the standard 160 characters SMS, this gives advertisers the capability to deliver multimedia content such as photos, animations, videos and audio. MMS may contain text in combination with multimedia content which allows for a more compelling marketing message.

MMS messaging for business is a way in which commercial enterprises can communicate with large groups of customers, event attendee's or employees. MMS messaging is utilized by many different sectors of our lives and is used by you to reach your target audience. Banks can send you account specific messages as a way to open up a more convenient line of communication. Doctor offices frequently use MMS to remind patients of upcoming appointments, and even schools use this type of message to get in touch with parents or students to inform them of school closures due to weather or school specific events. Political campaigns frequently use MMS and SMS, as 98% of the population has access to a mobile device that can receive multimedia messages. Studies show that MMS business marketing performs four to five times better than online advertising for increasing brand awareness. For this reason, MMS is the most effective form of direct marketing.

As we move towards a paperless existence, CellForce has enabled its clients to reach users in many ways. Customers can be texted a keyword to receive a single customized coupon or the business can mass send MMS mobile coupons to opt-in customers' mobile phone. You can offer discounts, buy one get one offers, etc. MMS coupons or promotions are messages which are sent to your targeted audiences to offer them the latest products, services and upcoming offers. For example: an online event organizer can send a MMS message containing a bar code or QR code directly to event attendees' phones, as an optional ticket distribution channel. Now instead of having the attendee print the ticket, they can just show up, show their phone and gain easy access to the event. Why tell people about your new dish when you can show it to them? A consumer send address request? Send them back the address coupled with a picture or video of your business for easy identification.

Other uses of MMS messaging for business include sending prospective job seekers information about current vacancies, and guiding attendees through conferences and trade shows. Indeed, it is much less expensive to text a guest a map of a venue and a schedule of events than it is to print and distribute thousands of guides that get lost or forgotten - and ultimately thrown away.

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