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There seems to be an unlimited supply of options to choose from when on the topic of marketing, and in today’s world one form that has stood the test of time is Email Marketing.

Email was originally used to communicate with coworkers located in a single place of business and was not utilized to send or receive email from outside of those four walls. Although email has been used for almost 50 years it has developed into a marketing powerhouse for companies large and small. This is due to the staggering number of active email users throughout the world. The low cost of email marketing and encouraging ROI for businesses has created one of the most popular forms of marketing used today.

Competition in your inbox for attention from email subscribers remains aggressive as social media remains important, email marketing aids in increasing relevance and response of communications. Marketing activities such as personalization, loyalty programs, and re-engagement email programs are vital to your email marketing strategy.

Email marketing remains to be one of the most effective and vital communications channels to reach and engage your audience.