Push Campaign

Highly targeted Text Blasts, sorted by key demographics and locations are great for new product launches and mobile campaign kick-offs

Pull Campaign

Mobilize your clients advertising and increase response rates with mobile sweepstakes, voting, mobile loyalty program, alerts and more

Mobile Website Development

Create an optimized, rich interactive .mobi site for your clients

The Most Powerful Advertising Medium…Is In Your Pocket

At CellForce, we don’t see a cell phone. We see the world’s newest and most powerful advertising medium. After all, what else is in your pocket that has TV, radio, internet, e-mail, voice and text messaging?

No Limits

Traditional advertising relies on your customer being at the right place, at the right time. Mobile marketing has no time or location limits, because mobile phones are “always on” and “always on you.”

Makes Traditional Media Interactive

Not only is mobile a standalone advertising medium, but using mobile with TV, radio, and print will increase your ROI.

Back To Basics

Effective marketing is all about being timely and relevant. Mobile marketing allows you to send a personalized message at the right time, with the right message.

It’s Personal

Typically, cell phones are only used to communicate with family, friends and coworkers, combined with its physically in your pocket, makes mobile highly personal. This means that once the user invites you in, your message will not only be read, but highly anticipated.

The Results Are In

Response rates are averaging 12%, compared to 2% of traditional media. And some campaigns have been as high as 40%! This is largely due to the easy of entry that cell phones bring. No forms, waiting on hold, or trying to remember long URLs.

By The Numbers

53% (or 138 million) of all mobile subscribers text message
17% (or 43 million) of all mobile subscriber use the mobile web
More than 43% of consumers aged 18-44 text message
The average age of a texter is 38