VMN - Virtual Mobile Numbers

VMN or Virtual Mobile Number refers to a long code (10 digit phone number). This is a feature that is offered through CellForce for clients who would like to use a long code phone number that is the same area code as their business to deliver text messages to subscribed consumers. Rather than using a short code to communicate with consumers via SMS/MMS, using a VMN will allow a business to deliver messages that may not adhere to the SHAFT restrictions. For example, marketing for gun stores or dispensaries. Your customer has the ability to text the number back to confirm the appointment or to call that same number to reach someone at the office.

VMN’s allow you to expand your business into new markets by providing phone numbers that will appear as local to your international customers. Your customers can dial a number in their home country and have their calls forwarded to your phone number or anywhere you have Internet access. You can opt to set your VMN on a schedule or working calendar based on hours of operation. A perfect example of utilizing a VMN in this way is that you have the ability to route calls, which may come during hours you may not be available, to an answering service.

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