App Development Platforms:

What’s An “App?”

Short for “application,” as in “mobile application.” In essence, this is a downloadable mobile software program.


You Name It, We’ll Make It

Mobile video games, sports game casts, utilities, tools, mobile version of an Adobe Flash website, and more.


Why Do I Need One?

If you want to really “wow” your customers, offer a downloadable application. A mobile application pushes a mobile device to its design limits. The iphone has shown us how powerful, creative and influential applications can be.


Expertise On All The Major Operating Environments

Unlike the I.T. industry, which has one very dominant operating system, mobile has many competitive operating environments. CellForce has expertise in all of these environments, covering J2ME (Java), Symbian, Brew, Windows Mobile, Android, iphone and more…both on-deck and off. Based on your customer demographics, we’ll help you determine which operating environments are right for you.


Easily Integrate An Application Into Your Mobile Campaign

The best way to offer mobile applications isn’t to build it and “hope” people download it. CellForce recommends an integrated mobile approach. Starting with a mobile loyalty or alerts program, send an outbound text message to opted-in mobile users with a link to your application. This link will automatically detect the cell phone type and route the user to the correct mobile application…seamless to the user.