Our Platform

Symphony is a best-in-class mobile engagement platform that was created with reliability, scalability and robust functionality in mind. We built our platform utilizing our decades of mobile engagement experience and expertise to accommodate even the most demanding enterprise level requirements. Our technology, combined with our market knowledge and expert support staff will ensure that Cellforce provides your company with the very best of mobile engagement solution.

Moreover, Cellforce’s market position, its relationship with any major provider in the mobile engagement industry and our know-how allow us to provide Symphony users with certain benefits that are hard to come by anywhere else. For example: switching aggregators usually requires

All your mobile channels, managed in one place.

Intuitive and interactive messaging across multiple channels from a single provider enables you to provide unique, interactive engagement to your customers based on their preferences, location and other collected data – Whether that be SMS, MMS, Push Notifications, responsive Email or Web Notifications, we have you covered.

Robust technology offerings to put you a head of the competition.

Symphony provides you access to the following technologies:

  • SMS – The most advanced SMS campaign suite available.
  • MMS – Seamless and easy MMS integration into your SMS campaigns.
  • QR Codes – Generate designer quality QR codes on the fly and track their usage.
  • Passbook Coupons – design, manage and distribute your Passbook Coupons.
  • Location Based Services – Macro locations (SMS, GPS) & micro locations (iBeacons)
  • Event Triggered Messaging (Automatic Follow-up, Birthday Clubs & More)
  • Live Message Box – Offers instant two-way communication with multiple clients.
  • Web Widget Builder – Easily create web opt-in forms.
  • Kiosk Builder – Create tablet (Android) based opt-in forms.
  • Short URLs – complete management of multiple domains. Advanced analytics.
  • Short APP URL – direct your users automatically to their appropriate App store.
  • Full Media Manager – step beyond MMS, up to 3GB of HD content per message.
  • Multi-Message Support – Break through the 160 character limit!
  • Status Codes – You know exactly who received your message.
  • And much more…

Reliability, Security & Performance

Symphony has grown to be a leading trusted solution due to our demonstrated high-availability server array and cutting edge security measured. We accomplished this by using only world-class, redundant hardware and network infrastructure. This multi-layer redundancy ensures that if one server or connection goes down a redundant, online server is assigned to the task at hand. As a result, we have a platform that is highly-available and secure while still maintaining scalability. Your mission critical tasks and sensitive data are safer with Symphony

The best white label solution on the market today. Period.

Symphony takes white label to a whole new level. No longer will you just paste a logo, change a color and call a system “yours”. With Symphony you can design your own unique user interface. You are in control of every aspect of the display, from colors, look and feel to the images you use for icons and of course, the entire functionality flow is of your own design. With symphony, you are the master of your own product offering and are bound by nothing other than your imagination and available technologies that are at your disposal.

Let us show you why Symphony is the only mobile engagement platform that you will ever need

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