Our platform, Symphony, offers some of the most extensive reporting and analytics capabilities in the industry. Track your campaign performance, opt-ins, failed or successful messages – Know exactly what your mobile campaign is doing, has done or will do – at any time.

Message Log

See all inbound and outbound SMS messages. There is a vast array of filtering options available to you, such as message status, date range or even a specific term such as a number or word.

Email Log

Monitor all email activity through your portal, see bounce rates, open rates and other important information so that you can make adjustments as needed.

Campaign Performance

Track, analyze and review SMS campaign results visually to get a better understanding of what campaigns are working best.

Upload Reports

See a list of any CSV files that have been manually uploaded, by who, when and the result of the upload.

Invoicing Support

For marketing agencies, resellers or whitelabel accounts, this feature helps give a clear picture of billable usage to assist in invoicing.

Opt-Out Reports

Filterable Opt-Out reports can give you valuable insights into your mobile campaigns. Patterns or trends of increased opt-outs may suggest campaign adjustments.