Utilizing one of the most comprehensive proprietary mobile technology offerings, CellForce specializes in the successful implementation of mobile marketing campaigns designed exclusively for brand marketers and advertising agencies. Leveraging CellForce’s in-house creative and development teams, agencies and brands no longer have to employ a resident expert to sift through campaign options and technologies. CellForce provides the technological expertise, the mobile platform and the creative concepts required to launch a multi-faceted, successful mobile marketing campaign. CellForce is your gateway to mastering the mobile marketing realm via SMS/MMS, mobile Websites and customized mobile applications.


    • Superior product offerings:
      • Comprehensive mobile campaign management tools
      • Fully automated management of opt in/out and compliance with MMA / carriers rules
      • Multi aggregator, multi protocol SMS/MMS system for superior delivery rates
      • Mobile data management suite to include suppression of disconnected numbers
      • WAP 1.2 / WAP 2.0 mobile web design capabilities
      • Brew, Symbian, J2ME, Android, iPhone, Blackberry application development capabilities
      • The country’s largest permission based consumer database for superior targeting
    • Dedicated in-house talent:
      • Creative team to handle all aspects of graphic and conceptual campaign elements
      • Software development team to allow for in-house development and quality control
      • Project team to provide for support and consulting throughout your campaign
      • Systems integration team to connect the mobile with your other campaign elements
      • Executive team to accompany and direct your mobile strategy and market approach
  • Unparalleled understating of your business environment:
    • We respect all budgetary guidelines of our clients and strive to meet these cost expectations
    • We believe that the quality of our products and services are what will bring clients back for more
    • We are dedicated to keeping our platform and services on the cutting edge of mobile marketing technology